Vår lärare heter Karen Terzano, nedan hittar du lite information om henne på engelska.


Karen Terzano

Born 1950, is an American Zen Buddhist teacher in the Ordinary Mind School tradition, founded by Charlotte Joko Beck (1917-2011). Karen has worked as a research psychologist and university professor while maintaining an active psychotherapy practice. She holds a PhD in Physiological Comparative Psychology as well as one in Clinical Psychology, and specialized in Ethology for her Masters degree in Biology. She lives in Ellsworth Maine.

Karen began Zen practice in the late 1980s, studying for several years during the 1990’s with Hwalson Sunim, a teacher within the Chogye Order of Korea, a Lin-chi (Rinzai) form of Zen. In 1998 she moved to Costa Rica and there became a formal student of Sunyana Graef, a Dharma Heir of Phillip Kapleau. In 2005 Karen returned to the United States where she spent 2 years in residence at the Vermont Zen Center before leaving on what she calls her, “Walkabout” period, a series of solitary wilderness pilgrimages. In 2009 Karen retook her formal vows with her current teacher, Barry Magid of the Ordinary Mind School, and received Denkai from him in 2011. She is a current member of the Lay Zen Teachers Association.

In leading traditional retreats where invited, and by conducting pilgrimages of various types, Karen has worked for several years with an electronic sangha, comprised of students from all over the world. Then, in 2012, with permission of her teacher, Karen established the Tavallinen Mieli Zendo in Tampere, Finland and now serves as its guiding teacher, spending several months in residence there each year.

Karen would be happy to answer practice related questions and may be contacted directly at karenterzano(at)gmail.com.